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keeper of the crystal heart by Cybiline keeper of the crystal heart by Cybiline
finally, the promised print of the ever lovely princess cadence!

yes, i did re-create those vectors. damn her cutie mark is hella hard! but i did it!

if the colors are off, it's because this is based off of the original vectors and designs we saw of her waaaaaaay back in early 2012, so that's why she looks this way. i love her character, but i hate her current colors and mane and tail with a burning passion!

princess cadence belongs to hasbro

but please, enjoy the print! i'm going to be posting this, along with fluttershy on redbubble prolly tomorrow or wednesday! please help support me and my art and going to my redbubble and buying prints or luna, cadence and fluttershy when they become available!

please help keep me in school! i still need well over 1,000 bucks!
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December 9, 2013
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